About SOL

SOL HELMETS is a local brand of helmets and apparel in Taiwan. The company and factory are located in Tainan. It insists on manufacturing in MIT Taiwan and selling to China, South Korea, India, Russia, Philippines, Chile and other countries. MIT’s persistence allows us to serve consumers as quickly as possible, and the quality of customer service is well-known in the industry.

Since 1976, the company has experienced more than 30 years of work experience and established its own brand SOL HELMETS in 2005. SOL means “Sun” in Latin and symbolizes the youth and passion of the brand. It is a good comrade and guardian when you travel and commute. As a guardian, safety is a basic requirement. SOL HELMETS provides different styles and protection levels for different users. The common point is that all of them have passed the safety certification, including the United States DOT, Taiwan CNS, some CNS Reinforced Certification and European ECE, to protect the lives of many users in car accidents.

In addition to safety, helmet design that highlight personal style are also very important. Design is one of SOL’s strengths. The most well-known design is unicorn, this is also the first SOL HELMETS product that many people have purchased. We design our helmets from the perspective of fashion brands. Whether it is bold and straightforward design theme, simple and clean style, or a fresh style which becomes suitable for women, SOL HELMETS can meet all your needs.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, in addition to MIT’s Taiwan manufacturing, SOL HELMETS also went to colleges and universities to conduct traffic safety advocacy. The content includes “How to choose a helmet correctly ?” and “How to wear a helmet correctly ?”. Teach the bikers how to protect themselves and reduce the accident to minimum before going on the road.

SOL HELMETS has accompanied the growth of many consumers. From students to white collar workers, from cycling to driving, your safety is the greatest value of SOL HELMETS. At the same time, we also continue to seek partners. If you have an agent or distributor willingness, please contact us and work together with us to contribute to road safety.